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Tips to Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy This Summer


Temperatures are finally rising. Patio- brunch season has begun, and the pools are back open. Hello Summer! It’s time to hit the salon for those blonde highlights you’ve been planning to get all winter. Or, maybe your entire head blonde… either way, you’ve made up your mind that this summer will be filled with nothing but fun in the sun as a blonde bombshell. However, I must warn you that without proper hair care, blonde hair could ruin a summer too. Those vibrant blonde hair stands can quickly become lifeless and dull in the summer without the correct maintenance. But, don’t worry there are ways to prevent blonde from damage. I have all the tips you need to keep your blonde hair healthy in this heat.

No matter what hair type you have or the state of health that your hair is in. It is still very important to take extra steps to keep bleached hair strong and healthy. Especially during this season. Believe it or not, there are several factors in the summer, working against your good hair days as a blonde. Like chlorine, UV rays from direct sun and the temperature. All of these conditions have the tendency to fade and weaken blonde hair. Basically, problems you don’t need this summer, right?  Allow me to quickly share tips from Saji Hair Care to avoid these hair issues.

First, let’s touch on styling. In the summertime, your hair is already taking in plenty of heat from the weather. So, I’d advise decreasing your use of heated hair tools, such as blow dryers, and flat irons. When you do use them be sure that you are using tools with proper thermal protection. Ceramic flat irons are the best for blondes because they prevent blonde highlights from darkening from the heat.

When you’re out at the beach or simply exposed to direct sun and high temperatures. You want to make sure your hair has been prepped with a moisturizer. Use only shampoos and conditioners with a moisture and hydration base. I highly recommend Saji Hair Care’s Nectar Shampoo and Nectar Conditioner. Not only do they have shea butter as a key ingredient that places a moisture seal on hair strands; the Nectar Shampoo and Nectar Conditioner also contain UV protectants and antioxidants from white tea extracts. That’s the type of moisture and protection your blonde hair will require for the summer.

A weekly hair mask is another great way to moisturize. The perfect hair mask to hydrate blonde hair during the summer can be made from Saji Hair Care’s Argan Oil Treatment and Nectar or Ingenue Conditioner. Mix several drops of the Argan Oil Treatment and either conditioner to create the mask. After you’ve shampooed your hair, apply the mask and allow it to sit for 10 minutes with a shower cap on top. Rinse and style.

If you practice these tips throughout the summer, I guarantee your blonde hair will remain impeccable. Get ready for compliments! You’ll be that beautiful blonde at the pool party- with the gorgeous hair that everyone can’t stop talking about