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Bangs Do Cause Acne, But Here’s How to Prevent It

Bangs Do Cause Acne, But Here’s How to Prevent It

We all have that occasional urge to want a new hairstyle. Perhaps you just had a bad break-up, celebrated a milestone birthday or maybe the season just changed. Either way, the most common go-to hairstyle for change with women is bangs. Getting bangs isn’t a drastic (or permanent) hairstyle change; yet it makes a significant change to your appearance. Therefore, bangs are perfect for this sudden urge to spice things up.



But, let’s be honest cutting bangs into your hair is never an easy decision, right? Most women go against bangs due to the probability of making your skin more prone to have acne. Yes, unfortunately, although bangs are super- cute and an easy hair change, they may also cause skin problems such as acne on your forehead. Don’t be surprised when you see a gang of pimples pop-up on your face once you make this hair change.

Adding bangs to your hairstyle means there will be hair products and oils near your forehead area all day. Depending on the season, bangs could also cause more sweating near that area as well. Lastly, don’t forget when you have bangs you are also touching your forehead area more often when styling. All of these conditions contribute to clogged pores. Clogged pores will eventually result in those dreadful acne breakouts.

Don’t call it quits on getting bangs just yet. These acne breakouts can be beaten. I have a few suggestions that could help you prevent or control these breakouts when wearing bangs.


  1. Do a thorough face clean twice a day. Clean your face in the morning and at night. Thoroughly cleaning your face twice, a day may dry your skin out. Therefore use a few drops of argan oil after every face wash for hydration. Did you know argan oil fights acne too? Argan oil promotes cell regeneration and helps fade acne scars. Not to mention argan oil will rejuvenate skin for a more youthful appearance. So, wash your face twice a day and hydrate.


  1. Use a comb to distribute hair products. Instead of spraying or applying your hair products directly to your bangs, put it on a comb and then distribute the products to your bangs by combing it through. This will eliminate excess product going directly to your forehead.


  1. Try to keep your hair free from oils. I know, this may seem impossible… but, the Dirty Girl Dry Shampoo from Saji Hair Care will help you achieve this daily. This dry shampoo is paraben-free, sulfate-free and helps eliminate excess sweat and oil in hair. It has a quick-drying formula too. Not only will this dry shampoo help with acne, it will also help you have fresh bangs daily without actually washing your hair. You can purchase this product here.


So, in conclusion, I think you should go ahead, make that hair change and get the bangs. Just use these tips to keep the forehead acne away or in control. Nothing, not even pimples can stand in the way of beauty.