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Picture This: Polished Perfect


You’re standing in the shampoo aisle at the drugstore and you’re staring at row after row of hair care products. There are literally hundreds of slickly packaged products for every hair type. A sea of pink, green and blue plastic bottles cry out for your attention as each attempts to subliminally seduce you into thinking if you buy that particular product you will be more feminine, more natural, maybe even more environmentally friendly and of course, it will deliver the results you desire. Or will it? From curly hair to straight hair, chemically treated hair to fine hair, dry hair, oily hair, normal hair (does anyone actually have normal hair?) it can be truly daunting to find just the right product for your precious locks. Judging by the graveyard of dusty jars, bottles and tubes under your bathroom sink, (you know you have a product graveyard, we all do), it’s safe to say that finding the right products suited to your particular hair type obviously takes a lot of trial and error, especially if you are in need of a new line of products in your quest for manageable, healthy and shiny hair. Nothing, and we mean nothing is more frustrating than spending hard earned money on beauty products that do not work.

In an age of “less is more,” Salon International owner Kevin Sanders has truly simplified the process for choosing the right product for all tresses with his stunningly straightforward new hair care line appropriately named “Polished.” As a master stylist with over 30 years experience, Kevin has put a lot of thought and energy into figuring out what his clients want and more importantly, into understanding what his clients need. The result is “Polished.”


This chic new line, which humbly boasts an array of 9 new cleansing, conditioning and styling products, is fresh, it’s local, and it’s now! With its total emphasis on shine and manageability, the “Polished” hair care line is a girl’s best friend, especially in humid climates where frizz, flyaway and limp hair have to be contended with on a daily basis. One thing we can say for certain is that for all Low County women “Polished” is the holy grail of hair care products. (That’s right, we said it!)

So now, after pointing out how we are all too often seduced by a sea of beauty products that ultimately don’t work out, Salon International doesn’t want to add to the dusty graveyard under your sink, but would instead love for you to have the chance to try “Polished.” Kevin has thought of a great way for you to be able to sample his new line, and at the same time pick up lots of cool schwag, beauty tips and lots, lots more.

“Polished” will officially debut at the SHE EXPO being held at the North Charleston Coliseum this weekend from the 27th through the 29th: http://www.northcharlestoncoliseumpac.com/events/detail/s-h-e-charleston

This three-day women’s extravaganza will be jam packed with vendors, nationally known celebrities and some of our savviest of savvy local leaders in fashion, beauty, culinary arts, entertainment and of course, healthy life styles for women. Thus, Salon International really couldn’t think of a better event for launching Polished. So grab a gal pal and head on over to the Coliseum this weekend. (Did we mention what a great opportunity the SHE EXPO is for getting your gift shopping done for the year, especially if you have a lot of women on your list?)

Be sure and visit Kevin and his Salon International team at the SHE EXPO for some free expert styling live in the booth, as well as for some truly divine “Polished” samples. It’s worth the trip, if for nothing else, to come away looking fabulous for a night out this weekend! You can find Kevin and the Salon International team at booth 636, right across from the main stage.

For more info: http://www.northcharlestoncoliseumpac.com/events/detail/s-h-e-charleston