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Fall Back

It’s officially boot and scarf season! We say yay to that! Who amongst us doesn’t look forward to the first cool day when we can accessorize with a favorite pair of boots and a luxurious scarf? (Both men and women look incredibly chic in these sexy staples of the fall wardrobe.) Ahhh, when we think of autumn we think of comfortable but crisp temperatures, hot toddies with a loved one and long walks amongst richly-hued leaves…and with the cooler, dryer air, every day is now a good hair day, right? Well it should be and it can be. Now that we don’t have to worry about sun and chlorine wreaking havoc on our tresses, our hair with a little maintenance can be in tip-top shape just in time for the holidays. Here are five things to do to have polished perfect hair this fall.

1. Get a haircut. It’s that simple. Whether you go for an entirely new look, or need to trim those really dead split ends from the summer, or you just need a dusting on your ends to keep your hair looking sharp, fall is the best time to make an appointment so that your mane will be its best in time for the holidays.

2. Go one shade darker. Remember those richly-hued leaves we mentioned? Your hair should reflect the current season, so it’s most definitely time to go to deeper hues. For blondes, adding a touch of lowlights can give a warm buttery effect. For brunettes, all over shades of chocolates and chestnuts can remedy dull or faded color. Redheads, this is the time of year to cool your tones and add a touch of auburn. We think it’s a really good idea to consult your professional colorist for the best shade to match your skin tone. After all, the fall is a great time to have professional color done because it is the time of year your color can last the longest!

3. Change your shampoo and shampoo your hair less. Whether you color your hair or not, nothing looks worse than faded or brassy color, so go for a shampoo that is parabens and sulphate-free; it will be much gentler on your hair. Try washing your hair every other day… and remember that dry shampoo is your best friend in between washes. Not only will you be retaining color and moisture, but if applied to the roots before bed time, you will wake up with ridiculous body and volume!

4. Deep condition your hair once a week. There is less moisture in the air during autumn months, so a weekly conditioner such as our Spa Ambiance Double Conditioner offers anti-drying protection. (If you’re not sure what the best conditioner for your hair type is, call Kevin at the salon for his expert advice.)

5. Two words: Argan Oil. No matter what your hair texture is, you’d be surprised how amazing this product is when used in the right amount. A pin drop applied with the palms of your hands onto your ends will leave even the finest of hair textures incredibly soft and shiny without adding unwanted weight. We think argan oil is a must have product for that polished perfect holiday shine.

Stay tuned for our new blog, Snips n Tips which we will launch next week! Until then, stay the beautiful person that we know you are!