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Don’t Let Your Curly Hair be a Summer Bummer

Seasonal Tips for Style

Curly hair in the Southern summers can be quite the hassle – that is, if you don’t know how to work with it. While it’s certainly true that convincing naturally curly hair to lie down and behave itself is tougher in the balmy months, with the correct routine and products, you can learn to enjoy your hair year-round.

Prepping your summer ‘do begins in the shower. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly when you wash your hair (and remember, curly hair does not need washing every day) and let just a bit of the conditioner remain, particularly on the ends. This will help fight frizz once your hair is dry.

Don’t wrap your hair in a towel or attempt to blow dry it on high heat in the summer. This will only make it frizzy. Instead, blot away the excess water after your shower and then let your hair air-dry.

While your hair is still damp, use a cocktail of products to help it retain definition and dispel frizz. Argan oil, made by Polished Hair Care and available at Salon International, is an excellent product for curly hair. Try combining your Argan oil with an alcohol-free style cream. Work the products through hair with a wide-tooth comb – never a brush.

After you’ve put the products on your hair, leave it alone. The more you touch your hair, the less defined it will be. Just let it dry naturally, and you’ll end up with a gorgeous head of curls. If your hair is known to start misbehaving during the day, keep a small bottle of product in your purse and apply it to dry hair to calm the frizzies.

Happy Summer!