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Heat Waves: The Long…AND…. the Short of It!

It’s been a real scorcher of a week here in the Low Country, especially  these past few days! And so we thought, why not talk about heat waves?…

“>Heat Waves….

No, not that kind silly …Lord knows we don’t need to remind ourselves how bleedin’ hot it is out there.  What we want to focus on here are the sexy heat waves (a.k.a. “beach waves”) hairstyles that we’ve been seeing on celebs and magazine covers everywhere…and we mean, EVERYWHERE! With no end to summer weather in sight, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the trend, as well as to master the art of creating your own DIY sexy waves.  A few weeks ago we showed you a couple of great videos on how to get beach waves for long hair, but we really didn’t cover anything for those of you with short hair.  Well, fear not, our pixied  and bobbed pals… here is some good news for you:  No matter what length your hair is, here at Snips & Tips, we have  the perfect “heat wave” video tutorials. On your end, all you will need in the way of styling tools are the following easy to find items:

1. A curling iron
2. A wide toothed comb

For those of you with short short hair, you too can rock the  beachy look. It’s soooo easy, we swear! Check out this great tutorial for short hairstyles:



Doesn’t her hair look fabulous? ….We think so!  So what if your hair is in between short and long?  Don’t worry…. you too can ride the wave and be on trend. Here is our favorite video for those of you with longish- short bobs. This video will take you from not-so  to the “hot” so,  with just a few twists of the curling iron:

Well there you have it!  Try out the techniques in these videos, and if you are so inclined, send us a pic of  you and your sexy “heat waves!”

Until next week:


be awesome
and rock the “heat waves”


And that my friends, is the long and short of it….Love you mean it!