Halloween Can Be Such a Drag ( for your face, that is)

Looking great for one night isn’t really worth it if it means you are going to damage your skin for the next two weeks. Who needs a ghoulish breakout? We know that in the spirit of Halloween, you are going to apply pounds of mascara, paints, glue, glitter and goodness knows what else to that precious mug of yours, but before you get your Halloween on, here are some tricks and treats that will be sure to save your skin:


1. Know what you are putting on your face! Read the ingredients! We recommend using Elegant Minerals Brand Face Paint. It is safe, mild and organic. It’s also easy to remove and doesn’t stain everything in sight!


2.Be sure and hydrate your skin from the inside out. Start by applying a heavy moisturizer for your impending spooky night. Then be sure to drink a lot of water before and after you don your costume! If your skin is richly moisturized, excessive make-up will not completely parch your skin and your make up will be less likely to flake through out the night.




3.Exfoliate! If your make-up is oily and thick, exfoliation will remove the last traces of make up molecules and at the same time, slough off dead skin cells. Use a mild exfoliation cream. Michelle Cosmetics makes a really gentle micro exfoliation cream that is made from natural botanicals and great for sensitive skin. It’s a bit on the pricey side- but it just so happens to be on sale now- so it’s a good time to buy it. (It’s 60% off !). And if you really want to trick your skin into looking absolutely radiant, try this Halloween treat


Is there anything  that doesn't have pumpkin in it these days?  Seriously 'though- this is an amazing  home peel product!

Is there anything that doesn’t have pumpkin in it these days? Seriously ‘though- this is an amazing home peel product!


4. Be sure and have a blast on this ghoulish night…and if you are like some of us, you might even try going for a costume that requires a minimal amount of make-up- (this  little number will be slipped on, and with a few eyeliner whiskers to the face and a pair of dollar store kitten ears…someone’s  skin is going to thank them in the morning…


Some  go for the minimal face paint type of costumes... and their skin thanks them for it!

Some go for the minimal face paint type of costumes and their skin thanks them for it the day after!

….that is, of course, if they can stay away from all that Halloween candy!



Until next week,


Love you, mean it!